What Are Truck Tool Boxes and Why Do I Need Them?

Some people face challenging situations when they have to keep their tools in the back of their truck. A tool stored in such conditions risks exposure to various elements that may be unsafe to them. Additionally, if the devices are dirty, they will also leave dirt on your car seats. There are higher chances of losing small sized tools too.

To avoid such tricky situations, you have to install a truck toolbox that will limit the loss of small tools and eliminate dirt on the seats. It will also keep your tools or accessories safe, and you will worry less about any damage when driving.

The content below highlights more on truck toolboxes and some of the reasons as to why you should get a toolbox for your vehicle.

What Is a Truck Tool Box?

A toolbox is a piece of equipment designed to store tools and accessories. It is a safe and waterproof device hence you can store tools safely. A truck toolbox is installed in the back of a truck or an SUV. Truck toolboxes are designed to fit in the bed rail of your SUV or van.

It is advisable to check if a toolbox fits well in your truck before making a purchase. Toolboxes come in different sizes, material, and designs. Most toolkits in the market today are either made of metals like aluminum or steel while others are plastic. Plastic toolboxes have gained popularity because they are relatively cheap and also weigh less.

Steel toolboxes are manufactured from a heavy-duty material meaning they are more durable and long lasting. Aluminum is light and durable; this makes it accessible.

Consider the following factors when purchasing your truck toolbox;

i) Size of the truck bed

Truck tool boxes are designed in different sizes and depending on the class of a truck. When buying your truck toolbox, remember to have the dimensions of your truck’s bed rail to ensure that the toolkit will fit.

Some of the measurements you should have included the following:

  • The height of the bed wall
  • The length between the inside of bed rails.
  • The distance between the outer side of bed rails.
  • The Capacity of the Cargo

If you have large tools, you may need to purchase a more substantial truck box. However, if your devices are small in size, you can opt for a narrower box.

iii) Ease of Access

A toolbox should open and close freely without any hindrances. If your truck is regularly occupied, you will have to get an alternative like mounting a toolbox on the side. Doing so will give you ease of access to your tools.

iv) Type of Truck Tool Box

You may need some basic knowledge of the various types of truck toolboxes to help you decide on the truck toolbox to suit your needs. Below are the different kinds of tool boxes:

  • Crossover Tool Box

It is one of the most common types of truck tool boxes. It is installed against the back of the truck and rests on the bed rails.

They are available in different sizes and styles. There are two designs of the lid of a crossover toolbox; there is a single lid that opens back and another with two doors that open at the center.

  • Side-Mount Tool Box

A side-mount truck tool box gets installed on the sides of the truck bed. One significant advantage is that they provide ease of access to your tools.

Why You Need a Truck Tool Box

There are many reasons why you should get a toolbox. The content below gives a detailed explanation of the reasons you need to get your truck toolbox.

i) To Keep Your Tools in an Organized Manner

A truck tool box is beneficial since you keep your tools in one place. Being organized also helps in reducing time wastage because all your devices are easily accessible in times of need.

Tool boxes have some accessories like drawers and shelves; this means that you can arrange your tools in an organized manner. Doing so makes it much easier to retrieve a device when you need it.

There are large toolboxes that you can purchase to ensure that even the largest of your tools are secure in your toolbox.

ii) Image

Truck drivers have to maintain a professional image to get more clients. Most clients want to hire performance and excellent model.

Installing a truck tool box communicates competence to your clients. It would make a client have some trust that you will deliver 100% of the job.

Maintaining a good image attracts more clients and increases the rate of repeat clients.

iii) Security

Some tools and accessories are expensive and hard to find. For this reason, you may need a truck tool box to protect your devices.

A truck tool box keeps all your accessories in one place hence you are assured of maximum security. Additionally, you can lock your toolbox with a padlock so that no one will be able to access them apart from you.

Also, a truck tool box gets permanently mounted on the bed rail of your truck which means that it cannot get stolen.

iv) Protection Against Elements

Most tools are vulnerable to exposure to different elements. For example, metallic instruments may be subjected to rust when exposed to rain.

With a truck toolbox, you do not have to worry about your tools getting exposed to foreign elements like sunlight, rain or high temperatures.

v) For Outdoor Excursion

There are many uses for truck tool boxes apart from use by construction companies or tool-requiring jobs.

You may also need a toolbox when doing outdoor activities like fishing, camping or hunting. You can use the toolkit to store your equipment’s from exposure to elements and also from theft.


In summary, the content above shows the significance of owning a truck tool box hence you should have no reason to lack this equipment. There are numerous advantages of owning a truck toolbox, they include, protection from theft and foreign elements that can cause damage among others.

Having a truck toolbox will make it easy for you since you know where you keep your equipment’s and also it is time-saving.

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