Detailed Guide on How to Use a PEX Crimp Tool

The PEX crimp tool is one of the vital instruments used in the installation of PEX pipes. The PEX crimp tool plays a crucial role by tightening the water seal. You may have wondered whether to purchase the device or rent it?

It is advisable to hire a PEX tool because it only plays the roles stipulated above. That way you will save your cash. But, if you are a regular user of the PEX crimp tool, you can get it in many stores.

How It Works

The PEX crimp tool is easy to use. Once you have cut your pipe in the right length, put crimp rings in the two ends.  Afterward, you should take a fitting and shove it into the tubing. Slither the crimp ring near the edge and get ready to use your PEX crimp tool

Take your PEX crimp tool and open it. You should pull the handles apart to unlock the device. Focus the opening of the tool over the crimp ring on either side of the PEX pipe. Ensure that it is tight and close the tool by turning the handles back together.

The amount of pressure and force experienced here makes the crimp ring to fall in place. Therefore, the whole procedure creates a watertight seal which is the target of most plumbers.

  • Merits of A PEX Crimp Tool
  • PEX crimp tools are relatively affordable.
  • It works faster, and it has efficient work.
  • It is readily available in local tool shops.
  • If you apply crimp tools well, there are rare chances of experiencing failure.
  • Demerits
  • It is hard to use in some conditions such as tight spaces; some may be small or large.
  • It is difficult, and you are expected to gauge the piping continuously.
  • During installation, crimp tools are positioned in the pipe hence restricting water flow. Doing, so results in an upsize piping system.

PEX Cinch Tool

You may have wondered if there is another method the procedure above gets reapplied. There is one more procedure on how to create a watertight pipe. However, any plumbing that entails replacement of old pipes, you will need a PEX pipe.

The other safe and proper option is through the use of a PEX cinch tool. The tool works perfectly unlike other press and expands tools. It is unique because it works perfectly. The device creates pressure and force which is enough to hold tightly, hence, avoiding leakages or messiness.

The best PEX cinch tool makes durable and long lasting equipment’s, some may last for up to ten years.  The PEX cinch tool coordinates with variable PEX magnitude. It is cheap when compared possessing many crimp tools to work on ranging PEX sizes.

The PEX cinch tool may fit on ½ and ¾ inch hence being a perfect investment. It is also easy to use in confined areas.

The tool grasps and grabs the raised segments of the clamp hence wrapping around tubes is not necessary. Once you are through the PEX cinch tool automatically releases itself, this makes it easier to operate.


  • A PEX cinch is much stronger compared to other crimp tools.
  • During the winter season, water freezes in the pipes. If the PEX cinch tool was not reliable, the cinch might have expanded hence causing leakages.
  • A cinch ring is easy to remove by twisting or pulling the top.
  • A PEX cinch tool is not subject to corrosion.
  • A cinch tool is durable and long lasting.


Specific expansion tools lack an in-built automatic rotation tool. When installing, you have to make rotations using the manual way. Additionally, since temperatures’ affect expansions, you are likely to have over-expanded in cold conditions.

Adjusting PEX Crimpers

The process involved in connecting PEX to a metal fitting needs a crimped sleeve. These crimp sleeves slide over the PEX pipe. The primary purpose a PEX crimp tool is to provide a proper crimp. Pinches loose tension after numerous work.

When a test is conducted using a PEX crimp gauge, and it indicates a loose crimp, the crimp tool may require a modification to establish a properly built up crimp sleeve.

Why You Should Use A PEX Crimp Tool

i) It is flexible- this means that it can bend in different directions when in use.

ii) Its flexibility makes the tool able to expand or contract to the original size. It has low chances of getting damaged by frozen water in the pipes.

iii) The  PEX crimp tool is easy and fast to use or learn how to use.

iv) The PEX crimp tool counters corroding, scale buildup and pitting hence there are fewer chances of pinhole leaks or constricted water flow.

v) The tool is durable and may last longer compared to other tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can the fittings be removed/ reused?

The answer is yes. You can remove the fittings by using a wire cutter to disconnect the clamp ear and bug the remaining part using a flatbed screwdriver. After removing the clamp, you can easily remove the fitting.

Question 2: Which method is better- crimp or clamp method?

Over the years, clamps have become popular because of their ease of installation, and the PEX cinch tool is more pact than the crimp one. Cinch tools are universal and can work with several clamp size. On the other hand, the crimp method needs an alternate mechanism for PEX tubing. Crimp method results in a uniform and gauge-able connection hence it is also preferred by plumbers.

Question 3: When using the cinch method, which type of fittings or pipe should be used?

Clinch or clamp procedure involves working with PEX fittings or style brass and PEX tubing.


In summary, the content above gives a detailed guide on how to use a PEX crimp tool. When it comes to getting plumbing tools, you can either hire or purchase your tools.

The PEX crimp and cinch tool is a tool that is efficient and durable. Some of the benefits of this tool are it has fewer chances of leaking and also solves other problems related to piping.

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