Tips on How to Load a Grease Gun?

Parts of the moving machine require some regular oiling to reduce friction. The friction between those parts if not checked leads to tear and wear thus damages. These losses of acquiring new ones or repairing can be avoided by regular oiling.

The oiling is effectively done by use of oil gun; this is a necessary device in any workshop. Its primary role is to aid in grease application through the nipple or grease fitting to a specific spot where required.

Many people tend to overlook the device whereas it is among the crucial tools that shall not lack in your toolbox. The well-greased bearings lead to the smooth running of the machine thus efficient service delivery.

The article will majorly dwell on the guidelines on how to load the grease gun.

The article has two parts, in the first; we will discuss how to load a grease gun that uses reservoir while in the second one we will need we will dwell on grease guns with the cartridge.

Reservoir Grease Gun Loading

1. Detach the Grease Gun Head from the Barrel

The loading of the grease gun is effectively done when one can access enough quantity of the grease. The process starts by unscrewing the nuts holding together the head and barrel to separate them.  The detached head has two more parts attached, i.e., the greased handle and applicator tube. Separate the two parts as well by unscrewing them. To avoid sucking some grease accidentally through the gun, depress the piston rod fully into the barrel.

2. Carefully Immerse the Gun into Grease Container

Any serious mechanic will have the grease container. They are commonly sold at the hardware and auto part spares.  Fill the tank with grease, lower your gun barrel open end into the bowl, and steadily draw back the plunger rod to fill the reservoir fully.

3. Take Away the Gun Barrel from the Grease

Upon withdrawing the plunger entirely, you can now lift the open end of the barrel from the grease container. Carefully rotate the barrel to break it free from any grease clinging on it. use any soft material such as cloth to remove any extra oil from the end of the barrel

4. Get Back the Head of the Gun to Its Normal Position on the Barrel of the Grease Gun

Ensure the two parts are attached either by screwing the nozzle on the barrel or screwing the end cap. The method of assembling back depends on the type of gun. Any, either way, ensure the joint is fully seated and tightened. That is achieved by engaging the thread.

5. Run a Check Test to Determine the Grease Dispassion

The process now is over, and you can carry a test before use of the gun.  Hold the gun well and press on piston rod handle while squeezing the trigger of the grease until it comes out via gun applicator tube. Use a clean cloth to wipe the tip and entire body of any oil. Now the gun is ready to use in dispensing the grease.

How To Load A Cartridge Grease Gun

The cartridge grease gun marks the second category. The guns got the following simple loading steps. Go through them, and you will learn a lot.

1. Carefully Unscrew the Cartridge Cap by Use of the Elbow Grease

The cartridge in the gun is made of two essential parts, which are, the nozzle or dispenser and the grease cartridge itself. The cartridge is well housed thus carrying the grease while the nozzle dispenses the lubricant. Carefully turn the cap where the cartridge is in by turning it clockwise, and at the same time, you rotate the dispenser counterclockwise. Use some force as it is fixed tightly.

2. Withdrawal of the Plunger Rod

The cartridge is pushed by the plunger rod to force the grease out from the end of the barrel where it is held opposite the dispenser. Pull until the plunger rod is entirely detached from the barrel. Upon pulling the rod back, the cartridge should eject automatically to come out half way or all of it. Secure the rod and remove it carefully.

3. The other Stage is to secure the Piston and Carefully Detach the Cartridge

Move the piston rod sideways slightly into the barrel and ensure it cannot move forward. Once the piston is secure, you can carefully remove the empty cartridge and discard it. The retracted piston will back to its normal position.

4. Avail a Brand New Cartridge for Loading and Prepare the Gun

Make a proper selection of the right side of the cartridge. They are found in hardware and auto parts stores. Choosing the right size works well with your grease gun. Use a clean cloth and wipe the gun clean for a new cartridge.

From one end of the new cartridge, remove the cap to allow the grease flow out usually if the cartridge was not stored upside down, shack it well to let the oil settle near the nozzle for easier dispassion once inserted.

5. Insertion of the Cartridge into the Barrel

Hold the grease gun upright; insert the cartridge into the gun by directing the end with a cap inside. Push it fully until its end seal with the barrel end. Now remove the metal seal of the cartridge and discard it.

6. Firmly Reattach the Barrel to Grease Head

Without screwing it down, screw it on part very carefully two full rotations. You can now release the piston from the retract and push it into the barrel as you pump the handle of the grease gun. Pumping the greased handle works out the air and gets the grease started. Continue with this until the grease appears at the dispensing nozzle. Now you have to screw the head and barrel and push the piston rod until it is engaged in the replacement grease cartridge. Check whether the grease is delivered by pumping the handle. Now the gun is fully loaded and ready for service.

In summary, we can say that the grease guns are vital tools in any machine. The friction that causes tear and wear is significantly reduced by applying grease using the gun into various spots. Everyone with a vehicle or moving device is encouraged to have this particular tool.

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